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Tips for Winning Cricket Bets in 2021

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Cricket is incredibly popular here in India, and every match attracts millions of fans. A good number of these fans place bets to back their favorite sides. There are more cricket sportsbooks now, with exciting betting markets from India and across the world. But many cricket fans can still be heard grumbling how their bets are not winning or as lucrative as they expect. With all the cricket betting tips free information on the internet, it is possible to make a winning strategy in cricket. Here are a few tips you can use to change your win rate in cricket bets.

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Try Proposition Bets 

There is much more to cricket betting than betting on outright winners and losers. Proposition or prop bets are more lucrative than the main match bets. Prop bets are a proposition by the bookmaker that a certain outcome will happen. For example, the Player of the Series will be X. You can either agree with this proposition or refuse. Whatever choice you make is your bet. Prop bets require an in-depth knowledge of the playing teams. Some prop bets you can try include:

  • Toss Winner
  • Man of the Match
  • Series Top Batsman
  • Top Bowler 
  • Top Batsman 
  • Most Fours
  • Most Sixes
  • Most Run Outs
  • Highest Total in First 6 overs.
  • Method of first dismissal 2-way 
  • Century in Match
  • Fifty in Match
  • Highest Opening Partnership


Beware of the Playing Format 

The cricket format in play decides the pace of the game, which brings in factors like fatigue and motivation. In test cricket, the teams will play for 5 days, bowling 90 overs each day. Teams have to pace themselves and know how to spread the play among the players. More experienced teams have higher success in Test matches. 

One-Day International (ODI) is played in a single day. Each side takes a 50 overs innings for a total of 100. It provides a battle of wits between batsmen and bowlers because of the limited time and field.

T20 matches are the shortest and most frenetic. There is massive pressure on both the batman and the bowler to outdo the other in the 20 overs. There are massive shots and equally massive swings. This format favors younger high-energy teams. 

Read the Weather 

The weather is a big disruptor in cricket. Matches are routinely halted because of rain. The fortunes of a team can change when a match gets interrupted. Say India is playing Pakistan in an ODI. India is ahead by 200  runs in the second inning with a few wickets left. If it rained and the match was halted, Pakistan would be very relieved. They can regroup. The match can also be called a draw if the interruption is too long.

Look at the Toss Winner 

In an ODI, winning the toss is very important. This is because the field’s conditions change as the play progresses. The team that wins the toss has the advantage of choosing whether to bat or bowl and gains an upper hand psychologically. 

The field is also a determinant to some extent. Some teams are known to do well in certain cricket grounds and fare poorly in others. Sometimes the home crowd advantage works to motivate the home team. 

Look at Recent Performance

How well has a team been performing recently? If a team performed poorly in a recent period against another one, it will go into the next match at a disadvantage. In cricket, the game is more likely to go to the favorites. 

Cricket betting is easy to master and start winning. You can start winning with a good strategy and good reading of the game.

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Which is the Best Sports book for Cricket?


More Indian cricket fans are warming up to the idea of sports betting. Mobile betting apps have brought betting markets closer to sports fans, even in the remotest areas. Cricket betting is the number one choice  for many sports bettors. There are more betting resources, including free cricket betting tips, that even fans new to betting will find it easy winning bets. Which is the best sportsbook for cricket betting? This question is often heard from people new to sports betting. Here are a few tips on how to find a cricket sportsbook that will work for you. 


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Look at the Cricket Betting Offers 

If you want to bet on cricket, you need access to as many cricket betting markets as possible. A sportsbook should have as many leagues and tournaments as possible. You can then have plenty of choices from these markets.

In February 2021, for example, a sportsbook should highlight these cricket events:

  • International Test Cricket
  • International Twenty20
  • Pakistan Super League
  • South Africa
  • ICC T20 World Cup 2021
  • ICC World Cup 2023
  • International One Day (W)
  • Marsh One-Day Cup
  • Regional Super50 Cup
  • The Ashes
  • WNCL (W)

Look at the Betting Options 

A good sportsbook should offer as many betting options as possible to give you a freer hand in picking bets. The most popular betting options should be included:

  • Match bets (winner/loser)- You wager on the winner of a match 
  • Tied match (Draw no bet)- You wager the teams will draw 
  • Series winner – You bet that a certain team will win a series of matches e.g., the Ashes
  • Outright winner – You bet on a winner of a tournament e.g., the Cricket World Cup

There are proposition bets, which the sportsbook proposes a certain outcome, then you can agree or disagree with a bet:

  • Win toss – A bet on the team that will win the coin toss at the beginning of a match. You can also have a Toss Combination bet where you bet the team’s choice on whether to bat or bowl.
  • Odd/Even runs – A bet on the number of runs scored being odd or even. First Innings score  bet is limited to a team’s scores at the end of the first innings.
  • Match scores- A bet on the number of scores at the end of a single match
  • Over / under scores – A bet on the scores being over or under a certain number 
  • Most Sixes – A bet on the side that will take the most sixes in a match 
  • Most Runouts 
  • Highest 1st 15 overs- A bet on the team with the highest scores at the end of the first 15 overs.

There are player proposition bets as well:

  • Top batsman 
  • Top bowler 
  • To score 50 runs 

The more betting options you have, the more you can stack your bets for a bigger payout. UK based sportsbooks have more betting options because of the large cricket fan base there.

Check if the Sports book is Mobile Friendly 

A sportsbook should have a smartphone app. It makes betting more convenient than using browsers. You can place your bets anytime, wherever you are. It also makes it easier to bet on Live games as you follow your favorite games.  

Compare Payment Methods 

Does the sportsbook accept your preferred payment method? A sportsbook that accepts a wide range of payment methods makes it easier to deposit and withdraw funds when you need them. Be mindful of minimum withdrawal requirements to avoid your money being trapped in your virtual wallet.

Promotions and Bonuses 

Incentives make your bets more fun and reduce your risk. The more incentives, the better. But remember to compare the terms and conditions of these promotions and bonuses. They should not be too difficult to cash out. 

Are you a cricket fan on the lookout for a new sportsbook? Assess sportsbooks with the tips above, and you will have one that works perfectly for you.

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PSL 2021 or Pakistan Super League 2021 Schedule Teams Matches Prediction

PSL 2021

PSL 2021 or Pakistan Super League 2021 Schedule Teams Matches Prediction

Pakistan Super League 2021 (also known as PSL 6 or HBL PSL 2021) will be the 6th season of the Pakistan Super League held entirely in Pakistan. It is scheduled to start from 20th Feb 2021 to 22 Mar 2021.

PSL 2021 Schedule

PSL 2021 Schedule

[league-fixtures tournament=1819]

PSL 2021 Standing

[league-standings league_id = 1819]

PSL 2021 opening ceremony

Atif Aslam to make his HBL PSL 2021 opening ceremony debut along with Imran Khan, Humaima Malik and the HBL PSL 6 anthem stars to also provide rich entertainment on Saturday, 20 February evening.

PSL 2021

IPL Auction 2021 Total Players Sold 57

ipl auction 2021

IPL Auction 2021 – Total Players Sold 57 by spending ₹1,45,30,00,000

IPL 2021 Player Auction concluded in Chennai with 57 players sold.

The eight franchises fought the auction to find the finest talent available the all-rounders were in demand.
The most expensive player is Chris Morris sold to Rajasthan Royals for a whopping sum of INR 16.25 Cr.

Kyle Jamieson & Glenn Maxwell were both sold to Royal Challengers Bangalore whereas K Gowtham & Moeen Ali were sold to Chennai Super Kings. Young hard-hitting batsman, Shahrukh Khan was sold to Punjab Kings while English all-rounder Tom Curran was bought by Delhi Capitals. They all featured in the Top 10 Buys at the auction.

ipl 2021 auction csk

IPL 2021 Auction Delhi Capitals

IPL 2021 Auction Delhi Capitals

IPL 2021 Auction Kolkata Knight Riders

IPL 2021 Auction Kolkata Knight Riders

IPL 2021 Auction Mumbai Indians

IPL 2021 Auction Mumbai Indians

IPL 2021 Auction Punjab Kings

ipl 2021 auction pbk

IPL 2021 Auction Rajasthan Royals

ipl 2021 auction rr

IPL 2021 Auction Royal Challengers Bangalore

ipl 2021 auction rcb

IPL 2021 Auction Sunrisers Hyderabad

ipl 2021 auction srh

ipl auction 2021
ipl auction 2021 results
ipl auction 2021 players list
ipl auction 2021 live
ipl auction 2021 date
ipl auction 2021 currency

ipl 2021 auction
ipl 2021 auction results
ipl 2021 auction players list
ipl 2021 auction live
ipl 2021 auction date
ipl 2021 auction currency


Young Team India Conquers Gabba by Defeating Australia in 4th Test and Wins Series

Indian Cricket Team - Team India

The Border–Gavaskar Trophy is a Test series played between India and Australia. It is currently played via the International Cricket Council’s future tours program, with varying lengths of time between matches. If the series is drawn, then the country holding the trophy previously retains it. The series is named after Australia’s Allan Border and India’s Sunil Gavaskar, the first two test cricketers to have scored over 10,000 Test runs in their respective careers, former captains of their respective teams, and were both world record holders for the most career runs scored in Test match cricket.

on 19th Jan 2021 India defeated Australia in 4th and final test in a thriller match by 3 wickets with just 18 balls left. It felt like a T20 match at the end. Rishabh Pant’s unbeaten 89*, Shubaman Gill’s 91 (146) and Cheteshwar Pujara’s 56 (211) made this historic win possible.

R Pant is also declared player of the match and Pat Cummins declared player of the series. Ajinkya Rahane is unbeaten Test Captain with 4 Wins and 1 Draw.

Team India at 4th test against Australia


The amount of congratulations are coming from all over the world, especially cricketers….here are the highlights…

BCCI on Twitter @BCCI


ICC on Twitter @ICC


Sir Vivian Richards on Twitter



Sundar Pichai Twitter


Yuvraj Singh on Twitter


Virat Kohli on Twitter


Saurav Ganguly on Twitter


Ajinkya Rahane on Twitter


Ashwin on Twitter


Sachin Tendulkar on Twitter


Jasprit Bumrah on Twitter


Narendra Modi on Twitter


Wasim Jaffar on Twitter



Congratulations TEAM INDIA! What a WIN !! Dugga Dugga