How To Calculate Batting Average In Cricket Game?


In the following article, we will be discussing batting average. Not only this, but we will also be letting you learn how to calculate this sports related term with manually or by using the advanced batting average calculator. So sta connected with it!

What Is Batting Average?

In cricket, the term batting average refers to the total number of runs a player may secure in a single inning or a match. 


In a cricket match, every other player has a different quantity of runs scored and ejected from the game. And for sure, the average for each player will also be different that you may calculate with the advanced batting average calculator. Not only this, but you can also calculate your batting average with this online tool absolutely for free. 

Batting Average Calculation

When it comes to calculating the batting average, you may require to know three parameters which include:


  • The total runs that a certain player scores in a match
  • The total number of innings in which the player has scored different runs
  • The dismissal or not out conditions for a player


The free online batting average calculator also considers these parameters and calculates batting average instantly and accurately. 


Let’s have a look at the batting average formula!

Batting Average Formula


Batting Average=Scored Runs/Times out


Suppose Sameer played a series of 5 matches in which he got out 3 times by securing 120 runs in total. What would be his batting average?


We know the formula as


Batting Average=Scored Runs/Times out

Batting Average=120/03


Batting Average=40 runs


You may also justify the answer by putting the values in the free batting average calculator by calculator online site. 

What Role Does Batting Average Play?

One of the most crucial batter’s statistical analysis is their batting average. Regardless of the format, the average is a crucial statistic that is used to access the consistency of a player in the match. 


You must know that batting average is not just a factor to consider when evaluating any player. There are many additional statistics that are relevant. And to be honest, the format plays a major role in this regard.

What Is a Good Batting Average In a Match?

Teh format of the player is what helps you in judging the good batting average. A decent batting average in T20 cricket can be ordinary in the longest version of the game, but a good batting average in Test cricket might be spectacular. Therefore, combining several formats is never a wise choice. And a good choice to calculate batting average is none other than a batting average calculator that immediately shows you the stats of a player and saves you a lot of time. 

Interpretation of Batting Average

For a normal cricketer, the average ranged somewhere between 10-50. But for further evaluation, you may subject to the following table:


Score Average
<10 Poor batting skills
10-20 Average batting skills
20-30 Above average batting skills
30-40 Good batting skills
40-50 Very good batting skills
>50 Extraordinary batting skills

A Few Words About Batting Calculator

This online tool is the mosttrusted calculator considered ever when it comes to analyse a batsman statistics. The following features make this tool a significant choice in a cricket match to estimate averages:


  • Simple user-interface
  • Immediate results
  • Results can be shared and downloaded in seconds
  • Free of cost

Wrapping It Up

Despite the fact that each sport that employs batting averages has a unique version of the statistic, they are all fairly simple and simple to comprehend. And to speed up calcualtiosn of averages in cricket, calculator online is the only site that has developed a free to use batting average calculator. So if you are planning a tournament, this tool must be your choice to make when interpreting teh players’ stats. 

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