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If you are a cricket fan then Star Sports is the best to tune for Live Cricket. Star Sports is an official broadcaster for many live cricket match happening today and tomorrow.

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Frequently asked questions:

How To Watch Star Sports Live Streaming? Just go to then navigate to Live TV Channels->Star Sports Live and you are set.

How To Watch Cricket  on Star Sports Live?

Star Sports will be live streaming the Cricket matches, so is a place to check out for those who wish to watch the Cricket tournament online.

How to Stream Star Sports from the United States (US)?

Star Sports is a very popular channel that broadcasts most of the Asian sports. However, the channel is only accessible in India. If you live in the US, you will be unable to access the live stream for this channel on any website but

What can I watch on Star Sports?

Watch Live Star Sports channel for Live online Cricket streaming in HD quality for FREE also compatible for mobile phone users.

How can I watch Star Sports outside India?

It’s easy. You can watch star sports outside India from anywhere here on –

Why does Star Sports have 4 channels?

Star Sports broadcasts different sporting events at one time. You will often see different matches and events happening live on each of the channels.

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T20 World Cup Moved to the Middle East This Fall

T20 World CupT20 World Cup

The ICC have moved the already delayed Men’s T20 World Cup from India to the Middle East. Originally scheduled for Australia last fall, the new host countries are Gulf states Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

In a way, it is only fitting that the UAE takes on the T20 international tournament as it starts just two days after the revised date for the IPL final takes place out there. The T20 World Cup begins on October 17 with the final taking place on November 14.

Cricket venues in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Muscat in neighboring Oman will be used but hosting rights remain with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Despite the switch in location, the format of the tournament finals is expected to remain as planned.

That means a preliminary round robin group stage featuring eight nations. This pool will include the six teams that went through qualifying, which ironically includes Oman. Scotland, Ireland, Namibia, the Netherlands, and Papua New Guinea also booked their spots at the T20 World Cup finals through the 2019 qualifiers held in the UAE.

Joining them are the lowest-ranked of the top 10 T20 cricketing countries in the rankings from then; Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The top four from this group will then advance to the Super 12s stage. From those, the top four then have playoffs to determine who reaches the T20 World Cup final.

India Favorites In Spite of Switch

Despite the tournament moving locations once again, it’s all the usual suspects who are fancied to go out to the Middle East and win it. The current ICC Men’s T20 international rankings don’t quite reflect the market. England are top of those, yet it is nominal hosts India who are the 11/4 favorites in the cricket odds available with Betway as of July 2.

When you consider that the IPL is the premier T20 franchise competition, and players from all over the world come to compete in it, this explains why oddsmakers take the stance they do. Australia have their own limited overs league in the Big Bash too, which is also well subscribed in terms of overseas players.

These cricket-mad countries may have the T20 World Cup between them, especially as New Zealand’s own best exploits have recently culminated in them winning the inaugural World Test Championship against India. Top players do make seamless transitions between different forms of cricket, but limited overs and short formats are very much in vogue with The Hundred launching in England this summer.

Much of the game is also geared around T20 out in the West Indies thanks to the Caribbean Premier League. Although not as established as the Big Bash or IPL, this competition has certainly helped the Windies on the international stage. They come into this tournament as holders of the T20 World Cup, having beaten England by four wickets in the final five years ago with just two balls to spare.

Pakistan Could Be Ones to Watch

The one nation that may be overpriced for the tournament finals is Pakistan, and there are three reasons why they may outperform their double-figure odds. First, they sit fourth in the world for T20 right now, surprisingly above Australia. A blanket of just five rating points covers Pakistan, New Zealand, and the Aussies. So, who the best of the rest, behind the top two England and India, turns out to be is seemingly fluid at the moment.

What is not in doubt is that Pakistan have the most ranking points. This could be because they’ve played (30) and won the most matches in the period that their rating is based on. Second, of all the competing cricket countries playing at the T20 World Cup finals, Pakistan have the most experience of conditions in the Middle East.

For many years when it was felt holding cricket internationals in Pakistan wasn’t a good idea, they made the UAE their home. Senior players in their setup will still well remember that and can help younger names on the roster at the tournament. Finally, the Pakistan Super League is starting to take off.

While it is always going to be in the shadow of neighboring India’s IPL, which is the original T20 franchise competition, there is growing international interest in playing for a PSL team. These are based in big cities within Pakistan like Karachi and Lahore. The PSL is also smaller in scope than the IPL with just six competing franchises, which makes the event shorter and less of a commitment for overseas players.

Pakistan’s current T20 international ranking may reflect the progress six years of the PSL has helped their own domestic cricketers make in limited overs action. The T20 World Cup finals should provide more excitement when the tournament rocks the Middle East this fall.

Cricket: the main types of betting on a national sport and factors for a successful prediction

Cricket, bettingCricket, betting

Each country has certain types of sports games that are treated with special respect. In Great Britain, such a game is cricket. This is not just one of the sports, but a national treasure, which has a whole system of values ​​and principles of sports ethics.

Cricket, betting

According to historians, the origin of the game took place in the 16th century. It was first played by the shepherds. They had fun rolling a ball made of sheep’s wool and rags, using a curved stick that locked the gate of the pasture. According to legend, the game became so popular that it was necessary to fine the enthusiastic players who skipped the church for the sake of cricket.

Cricket nowadays is not only a noble game full of centuries-old traditions, but also a multi-billion dollar business in Asia, Australia and neighboring countries, and, of course, in Britain. It is not surprising that not only large national betting operators but also newcomers to the industry, such as Betting Company Betika, whose review is presented on a specialized resource, are trying to present all important cricket events in the line.

Let’s consider the main types of bets:

 on the outcome: there’s one type of match, where all three results are plausible. Follow the results of test games, where the draw is may happen;

  • double chance: sums up two outcomes of the game. For example, one of the teams won’t lose and no draw in the game;
  • handicap: predicts the team’s advantage or the number of runs, more than which the team will not concede;
  • totals: a wager on the amount of runs in a whole game match or its part;
  • player statistics: bets on personal achievements of players, from the number of runs or 6-point hits to the assignment of various titles;
  • game statistics: wager on different stats and secondary events; 
  • first innings: the most attractive option for some in long games. Usually, it takes time to know the outcome, but this bet might be the fastest one.
  • the draw: refers to the simplest predictions, since the odds of choosing the right one are fifty per cent.

Experienced bettors can easily find valuable odds in the bookmaker’s line. The key to the success of the predictions is the correct approach to the analysis of the match. There are five primary factors to analyse when picking a cricket bet:

 Draw results. The attack queue can have a big impact on the outcome of a cricket match. It is determined by tossing a coin. The team that attacks first has more possibilities to take the lead in the match.

  1. Weather. Cricket is very reliant on surface states. The weather may influence the span of the test match, as cricket never played in the rain. Therefore, bettors should familiarize themselves with the weather forecast before betting on this sport.
  2. Field factor. The pitch sheet varies at several stadiums and many locations. It can be either an earthen surface or a short or long lawn, depending on the degree of maintenance and the season. Give consideration to the place where the game is planned. Low or high humidity and thin mountain air can affect the outcome. Also, pay attention to teams that perform better at home.
  3. Form of teams and players. As in any other sport, the outcome of the game in cricket is significantly influenced by the form of the team in which it approaches a certain match. While gambling on the stats of specific athletes, consider the form of the player to the circumstances of the match. You can show a good level not only on your favourite pitch but also if the pitch is inconvenient for your opponent. After all, two teams play on the field, and each has its characteristics in attack and defence.
  4. Live games provide better bets. Cricket is one of the few sports whose fans prefer live betting. Because games last for several days, the line is rich with great deals.

It is important to summarize all the facts and closely monitor the clash every day. Better awareness highly increases the chances of a successful prediction in this unique game in which opponents fight for a symbolic trophy in the form of an ashtray.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Formats of Cricket and the International Game


Cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world, crossing continents and drawing billions of viewers to its many formats and competitions. Over the last 50 years, the traditional form of the sport has evolved into other iterations of play, bringing out different qualities in the athletes that compete on the field.

While this does diversify the sport and create a form of entertainment that can appeal to a broader audience and variety of preferences, it can become confusing to newcomers and even those who know the sport well but have generally stuck to one format. Even this year, another new form of cricket looks to break into the mainstream and could potentially make it to the international ranks.

So, here’s what you need to know about each form of cricket and the colossal international competitions that draw in fans from around the world.

The four forms of professional cricket

cricket games1

Source: Unsplash

The only place to start when discussing the forms of cricket is Test cricket. The original form of the game has been played since 1877, with it being refined to a five-day set with two innings for each team. Due to the length of the game and how trying it is physically and mentally on both teams, Test cricket is still considered to be the pinnacle of the sport.

Tests begin with a coin flip to decide who will bat first. The first batting team tries to set a high run score before the attacking team can bowl out ten wickets or the defenders declare. Then, the two sides will swap, with those who bowled and fielded first coming in to bat. They need to chase that run score set and try to exceed it, with their ten wickets marking the end of the first innings. After this, a second innings is played, with it all needing to take place within a set five-day window.

Test cricket is now also referred to as ‘long-form cricket’ because, since the 1970s, a shorter form of the game has risen to prominence. In 1971, one-day cricket began, with each team having a limited number of overs that could be bowled, with the cap set at 50 for each team. So, the batsmen only have a maximum of 300 balls to strike runs off of – excluding wides and fouls – and the bowling side only has 300 balls to get ten wickets.

The 50-overs format added more urgency to the game, revamping a stamina and concentration-driven sport to one where speed, technique, and flair could shine. Stalwart Test players still had a home in one-day cricket, but it also opened the door to those who were technically gifted, but perhaps not as capable of doing a five-day stint.

In 2007, the shortest currently internationally recognized form of cricket began, with Twenty20 (T20) putting even more emphasis on high-scoring batsmen and aggressive bowlers. It proved to be a tremendous hit, and now, an even shorter domestic competition looks to take root. The Hundred gives each team 100 balls to score off of, which equates to just over 16 standard overs.

International competitions drive the sport

cricket games2

Source: Pixabay

As popular and money-infused as many of the domestic leagues have become, particularly in the case of the Indian Premier League, the sport greatly revolves around the international calendar. In a sport like football, international contests are spread out over a four-year cycle, being somewhat complementary to the domestic game. In cricket, internationals supersede the domestic games, often taking place at the same time.

Prestige drives cricket, and now there are three official and highly-respected World Cup tournaments to cover each form of the sport. They drive fans, engagement, and cricket bettors who attempt to predict game and tournament winners. Regardless of the form of cricket in play, the tips for using Cricket betting sites remain consistent throughout. The top cricket betting tips invariably include checking the weather forecast, waiting for the result of the toss, and reviewing the line-ups. That said, finding the best odds is also top of the agenda.

It’s these international contests that draw in the huge crowds of fans, with the oldest form of cricket only recently adopting a proper world cup format. Once predominantly contested in ICC rankings, there’s now the ICC World Test Championship, which takes place over a two-year window and concludes its inaugural contest in 2021. That said, one of the most raved-about Test competitions is still The Ashes, which sees England and Australia battle each other every couple of years.

The short forms of cricket lend themselves more naturally to the world cup format, with games wrapping up within a day each. The first is the Cricket World Cup, the one-day form of the game contest by the top short-form cricket nations in the world. It started in 1975 in England, but it took until the most recent edition for England to win the tournament. There’s also the T20 World Cup, which started in 2007 as an even more high-impact addition to the international calendar.

If The Hundred proves to be a success over the next couple of years, it could also join the recognised ranks of international cricket formats. For now, there are three mainstream forms and three major prestigious international titles to win, with many other rivalry trophies and domestic tournaments taking place, too.


Cricket Stars and Their NBA Equivalents

Cricket Stars Meet Miami Heat PlayersCricket Stars Meet Miami Heat Players

The worlds of cricket and basketball may seem very far removed, but there are plenty of similarities if we look closely enough. For example, some of the top cricketers can be compared to equivalents in the NBA for one reason or another.

The Intimidating Star Who Plays Aggressively – Chris Gayle and Russell Westbrook

Both of these players are tall and powerful, using their strength and agility to overpower rivals with ease at times. They are both known for an aggressive, driven approach too, with fans and team-mates often turning to them when some inspiration is needed.

Chris Gayle is from Jamaica and is the most capped West Indies player in their history. He has smashed his way to some incredible batting records over the years, such as being the first batsman to hit a 6 from the first ball of a Test. He has also stormed to history in the Twenty20 format, where he scored the first ever century and currently has the most number of runs.

As for Russell Westbrook, this point guard from California currently plays for the Washington Wizards. His intense, athletic style of play means that he is often the one driving his team on at crucial moments when others are tired or losing the faith. He has set numerous scoring records since joining the NBA in the 2008 draft.

The Precise Shooter/Bowler – Jasprit Bumrah and Stephen Curry

Being able to shoot precisely is crucial in basketball, as the top players are expected to make tough shots consistently and even under intense pressure. In cricket, the ability to bowl with unerring accuracy time and time again is a huge attribute too.

The title of the world’s best, most accurate bowler is up for discussion. In the past, Glenn McGrath was renowned for his outstanding consistency but in the modern game, Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah is possibly the top name. With his deliveries regularly reaching 150mph, the accuracy he achieves is almost unbelievable, earning 48 wickets in his first year playing test matches.

In the NBA, no one shoots better than Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors point guard has gained a huge reputation for placing the ball exactly where he wants it to go. This has led to him having the highest free throw percentage in the history of the NBA, at an incredible 90.6%. He has averaged 23.5 points in NBA games since turning pro in 2009.

The Most Versatile Player – LeBron James and AB De Villiers

Every successful team needs a versatile player who can carry out just about any role to a high standard. This is the type of star who doesn’t look out of place playing in any position and in any type of game.

While many cricketers take on different roles, such as batting and bowling, AB de Villiers has regularly been called the most versatile player in the sport. He started as a wicketkeeper and batsman before settling into his primary role as a middle-order batsman. The South African retired this year after an extraordinary career where he had a batting average of over 63 in World Cups and became famed for his unorthodox shots that no one else would even try.

LeBron James is arguably the greatest basketball player in the world right now. He is most often seen as a small forward or power forward, although he has also played in other positions during his career. James’ playing style has a uniqueness to it, as he is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history as well as being an outstanding passer and terrific at defending too.

There you have it, some similarities between the worlds of cricket and NBA. If you want to know more about basketball, head on to Twinspires Edge where you can find some interesting facts like the shortest players in the history of the league.

Top 4 Fastest International Bowlers Ever

broken stumpsbroken stumps

Fast bowling, much like wrist spin, is becoming something of a lost art on cricket’s elite stage, as men with myriad change-ups and cross seam deliveries are preferred to genuine pace bowlers in so many forms of the game.

Of course, there are some exceptions, with the likes of Jofra Archer and Jasprit Bumrah bucking the trend. Here we take a look at some of the legends of pace bowling, who the new breed of fast men look up to.

cricket player scoring run on field KWQZDD4

All of these bowlers had batsmen around the world scrambling to get off strike as fast as they could

Shoaib Akhtar – Rawalpindi Express

Pakistan has always been known for having a fearsome pace attack with Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram forming one of the deadliest bowling partnerships the sport has ever seen, that made betting tipsters wary of ever backing against them.

However, whereas their calling card was quick bowling combined with wicked swing, Shoaib Akhtar focused on the sort of pace that struck fear into the hearts of batsmen – trembling in their boots down the other end of the pitch – as well as sports bettors who dared wager against the Rawalpindi Express.

He regularly clocked in deliveries that came close to breaking the 100mph mark, culminating in him bowling the fastest delivery ever in the 2003 World Cup against England. This is the sort of pace that cricket fans will be hoping to see at the 2023 version of the ODI World Cup, as they look for new bowlers to back with their sports free bets and bonuses.

Brett Lee – Batsmen Given no Leeway

For years Brett Lee steamed to the crease for Australia, having memorable battles with men like Andrew Flintoff, who recognised Lee’s never-say-die attitude.

The fastest delivery he ever clocked was just 0.2kmph shy of the world record held by Shoaib Akhtar.

full length of batsman playing cricket on pitch ag 4 FPDCYS

Few batsmen dared come down the pitch to these fearsome pace men

Shaun Tait – Injuries Held Him Back

From one pacey Aussie to another, and Shaun Tait, whose wild action and lightning quick runup earned him the moniker of, Wild Thing.

Unfortunately, the Wild Thing’s bowling career was cut short by injuries, with a dodgy elbow eventually forcing him to call time on his bowling exploits. Thankfully he is still heavily involved in the game.

Jeff Thomson – Blast from the Past

There is a general feeling in the game that cricketers who operated prior to the 1990s and 2000s were somehow not as dedicated to the sport when it came to training, and that this had a knock-on effect on the pace of delivery they could muster.

Jeff Thomson showed this to be entirely unfounded, as he regularly clocked deliveries of well in excess of 160kmph throughout the 70s and 80s.