Cricket betting strategies that you need to know

Cricket betting strategies that you need to know 


Cricket is a sport adored by millions. With its iconic ball and bat that are central to its epic and exciting matches, there’s a lot to love. 


It’s a sport that’s also popular in the betting world. And in this guide, we’re going to look at some betting strategies that you could employ when you’re next watching cricket.  


We’ll take a look at welcome bonuses and how you can benefit from them. We’ll also discuss cricket-specific bets and how to find the best odds and deals. 


But first, let’s take a look at one of the most important strategies of all – research. 


Do your research 


When it comes to betting on any sport, whether it’s football or golf, you need to have an understanding of the teams involved. That could be achieved by analysing their recent form, how they’ve been performing in the season up to date, the outcomes of any previous encounters, or whether a team is missing any players due to injury or suspension.  


If you’re armed with information like this, you’re better able to make a judgement call. Essentially, it’s less a stab in the dark and more of an educated guess – we can never predict anything in the game of cricket with any certainty.  


To help you gain these crucial insights, you can follow cricket blogs, websites or social media pages, as well as individual cricket commentators who regularly provide analysis.  


And you can find lots of guidance on making bets on cricket matches via 


Take advantage of welcome bonuses 


One of the best bits of strategic advice to keep in mind when betting on cricket is to take advantage of welcome bonuses. 


There are dozens of sportsbooks and betting sites open to players. That crowded market works to the advantage of bettors. To gain their custom, betting companies offer generous rewards to players when they first sign up. 


One of the most common bonuses is the matched first bet bonus. This means that when you first sign up for an account, and place your first bet – for example, £30 – on an Indian cricket match, the betting site will match it, giving you a stake of £60.  


Some betting sites offer to match first bet stakes up to £1,000, which is a big sum. 


If you know that a few different sportsbooks offer this deal, you could adopt a one-off strategy of betting with a new site, only on games you’re most confident about. If you do happen to win, you’ll get  

double the payout. 


Understand cricket bets 


Cricket is a unique sport and as such, there are bets that are unique to it. Understanding how these different types of bets work will allow you to form a more solid betting strategy.  


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cricket bets: 


  • Moneyline or outright winner – this type of bet is the simplest. It involves you picking a team to win outright. It could be for a match or a tournament or series 
  • Over/under bets – in cricket, there can be a large number of runs scored and you can also have teams losing a lot of wickets, or in other cases, few wickets. You can bet on whether the number of runs or wickets will be over or under a certain number 
  • Player bets – just like in other sports, it’s possible to bet that individual players will achieve certain milestones – for example, scoring a century in runs 
  • First-ball or first-over bets – in cricket betting, it’s popular to bet on what will happen with the first ball or the first six balls (known as an over). You could back someone to go out or for runs to be scored 


There are many types of cricket bets; these are just a few popular examples. 


Do regular checks for the best odds 


Linked to the above, it also pays off to spend a bit of time researching the different odds that the broad range of betting sites offer.  


For example, some sportsbooks may offer enhanced odds for certain matches, meaning you could get odds of 10/1 instead of 6/1. That’s a potentially big difference in your possible winnings.  


To keep up to date with the best odds, you should check out comparison sites. These websites often list the latest figures from all sportsbooks so you can make quick and easy judgement calls. They sometimes also tell you about any deals or offers on cricket matches that are currently running.  


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