Cricket: the main types of betting on a national sport and factors for a successful prediction

Cricket, betting

Each country has certain types of sports games that are treated with special respect. In Great Britain, such a game is cricket. This is not just one of the sports, but a national treasure, which has a whole system of values ​​and principles of sports ethics.

Cricket, betting

According to historians, the origin of the game took place in the 16th century. It was first played by the shepherds. They had fun rolling a ball made of sheep’s wool and rags, using a curved stick that locked the gate of the pasture. According to legend, the game became so popular that it was necessary to fine the enthusiastic players who skipped the church for the sake of cricket.

Cricket nowadays is not only a noble game full of centuries-old traditions, but also a multi-billion dollar business in Asia, Australia and neighboring countries, and, of course, in Britain. It is not surprising that not only large national betting operators but also newcomers to the industry, such as Betting Company Betika, whose review is presented on a specialized resource, are trying to present all important cricket events in the line.

Let’s consider the main types of bets:

 on the outcome: there’s one type of match, where all three results are plausible. Follow the results of test games, where the draw is may happen;

  • double chance: sums up two outcomes of the game. For example, one of the teams won’t lose and no draw in the game;
  • handicap: predicts the team’s advantage or the number of runs, more than which the team will not concede;
  • totals: a wager on the amount of runs in a whole game match or its part;
  • player statistics: bets on personal achievements of players, from the number of runs or 6-point hits to the assignment of various titles;
  • game statistics: wager on different stats and secondary events; 
  • first innings: the most attractive option for some in long games. Usually, it takes time to know the outcome, but this bet might be the fastest one.
  • the draw: refers to the simplest predictions, since the odds of choosing the right one are fifty per cent.

Experienced bettors can easily find valuable odds in the bookmaker’s line. The key to the success of the predictions is the correct approach to the analysis of the match. There are five primary factors to analyse when picking a cricket bet:

 Draw results. The attack queue can have a big impact on the outcome of a cricket match. It is determined by tossing a coin. The team that attacks first has more possibilities to take the lead in the match.

  1. Weather. Cricket is very reliant on surface states. The weather may influence the span of the test match, as cricket never played in the rain. Therefore, bettors should familiarize themselves with the weather forecast before betting on this sport.
  2. Field factor. The pitch sheet varies at several stadiums and many locations. It can be either an earthen surface or a short or long lawn, depending on the degree of maintenance and the season. Give consideration to the place where the game is planned. Low or high humidity and thin mountain air can affect the outcome. Also, pay attention to teams that perform better at home.
  3. Form of teams and players. As in any other sport, the outcome of the game in cricket is significantly influenced by the form of the team in which it approaches a certain match. While gambling on the stats of specific athletes, consider the form of the player to the circumstances of the match. You can show a good level not only on your favourite pitch but also if the pitch is inconvenient for your opponent. After all, two teams play on the field, and each has its characteristics in attack and defence.
  4. Live games provide better bets. Cricket is one of the few sports whose fans prefer live betting. Because games last for several days, the line is rich with great deals.

It is important to summarize all the facts and closely monitor the clash every day. Better awareness highly increases the chances of a successful prediction in this unique game in which opponents fight for a symbolic trophy in the form of an ashtray.

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